Thursday, July 2, 2009

E85 is a Joke

The StarTribune business section recently reported that Ethanol sales are lagging significantly, and Ethanol proponents are quick to blame the low cost of regular gas and the overall economy as factors in the reduced demand.

As an owner of an E85-enabled vehicle, I'll offer you what is really happening: 1) When running E85, my vehicle gets 66% of the mileage as regular gas, but its cost is typically 80% of regular gas. Economically, I'd be a fool to run E85. 2) Despite being made of only 15% gas, the price of E85 fluctuates nearly exactly with the price of regular gas. How can that be, unless those selling it think the general public is too stupid to notice?

Sorry, but until price lines up with performance and producers quit gouging drivers via inflated price increases, my alternate fuel vehicle will avoid E85 at every opportunity.

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