Friday, July 17, 2009

Not Only Is Barabara Boxer Anti-Military, She's Racist to Boot

Check out the latest Barbara Boxer YouTube moment:

A couple of good take-aways here:

1) Note how many times she's addressed as "ma'am," but it is OK with her. Luckily for our testimonial provider, he wasn't part of some jackbooted military fascist organization, otherwise he'd get treatment like this.

2) Watch her squirm. Her whole point is along the lines of "you silly negro, why don't you get in line with the other good negroes," and when it gets thrown back at her as to what she's doing, her tap dancing and stammering are priceless.

These two videos show the type of person Barbara Boxer truly is.

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  1. In Reddit's and Sherdog's Muay Thai forums there are a few people complaining how Muay Thai can learn alot from boxing and how there are no use of angles, slipping or ducking. My go to answer for these sort of posts are for the OP to watch more Muay Thai or Kickboxing fights because angles, slips and ducking exist! They're just not as theatrical or showy as you'll see in a boxing match.


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