Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pepsi Thinks Things are AWESOME!

Every day on my one-hour commute to work, this is the last billboard that I see before I arrive. It is at the top of the highway exit, about a quarter mile from the office.

Usually I spend my commute thinking about the state of our business, my team, our market, the overall economy, and eventually build to the weight of the entire world. By the time I approach the office, I'm in the process of steeling myself and swallowing these negative thoughts. My job is to bury these worries, regardless of their magnitude, and lead my team and my company. I cannot disclose my own personal fears; cannot betray any appearance of any kind of lack of confidence.

In the final stages of gulping all of this down at the end of the commute, I run into this sign every day. Pepsi launched this campaign with the Obama election, and is a thinly veiled attempt to align their brand with his (a POTUS with a brand - great).

What the hell does Pepsi think is so AWESOME!? Seriously. Is it just the election? It sure can't be the economy, job market, taxes, health care, the state of Somali piracy, a potential Farve signing or the Twins' start.

Every day I interface with this thing. And every day it is like a visual fingernail across the chalkboard of the start of my day.

Anyone for a Coke?

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