Monday, May 25, 2009

It's Memorial Day, and I'm a Dick

I awoke this morning to log-in for the first time in 8 days, and was met with 1,839 emails to process.

I was going to write today about those emails in a real "woe is me," fashion, but as I was driving back home I thought about the day that it was today. Memorial Day. The one day that we take to honor our fallen; those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

I'm currently reading Stephen E. Amborse's book D-Day, and in it he describes how Eisenhower at the time wanted the invasion force to not be filled with veterans from fighting the Japanese. Despite the logistical challenges of using those men, there was concern that seasoned veterans, already damaged by living war up close, would be so frozen upon seeing the carnage wreaked by Hitler's Atlantic Wall that they'd not be able to depart their Higgins boats and charge across the bare beach. Only the fresh faced rookies would be ignorant enough attempt the brave and impossible acts required.

I wonder what the gallant souls that fought and died on that cold beach 55 years ago would say about my emails.

May all that have given their lives for our country rest in peace.

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