Saturday, May 23, 2009

Good Fishing, Better Gumbo

I headed out with Bill today to aid in his pre-fishing, and he did not disappoint. We covered a ton of this 100,000 acre lake. Bill has a beautiful new, used Ranger. It’s a lot like fishing out of your living room. It is comfortable, completely tricked out, and likely the fastest boat I’ve ever ridden in. We were up over 50 mph a couple of times today – extremely fast for a boat.

We started at Trappers and immediately found fish. We had two in the slot and a number over, but didn’t keep our slot fish as we had just started and they were in the 14”-15” range. I was holding out for those big 17”. Ah, the old bird in the hand…

We fished Little Stoney and I caught a couple bigger than 20” – nice fish. Then a quick tour to west of Goose Island, followed quickly by a run to Snake Pits where I landed a 23”. Then up to Ottertail, and just south of Two Points, where our wind proceeded to die to nothing.

We made the big run to the south side of the lake over glass water. It is incredible to run for 10-12 miles with nary a ripple. I was reminded of the time in college when dad and I were fishing Submarine and the wind died on us. He happened to have the water ski equipment in the boat, and I skied back to Big Rock – about 8 miles. Even being in good shape back then I was exhausted by the end of the haul! He got a big kick out of it.

We motored the south side, basically vertically jigging, but getting nothing. I landed a nice keeper perch just west of Pipe Island, but that was the stringer. While embarrassed with such a wimpy catch, that perch will likely come in pretty handy next lent, so I’ll take the one fish and like it.

Overall for the day I caught 6 walleyes, one small, one good keeper (that I didn’t keep) and four really nice fish over 20”.

Last day fishing is tomorrow. It has been a great vacation, and the fishing has been really outstanding. I hope to do some damage against my freezer limit and get my lovely bride to work on hers as well. We’ll be in the resort’s pontoon, which will be a far cry from Bill’s Ranger, but it is big, comfortable, has a private potty for those than need it, and a radio for the finest classic rock in northern Minnesota. Wish us luck.

By the way, the gumbo yesterday was out of the park. If my cousin knew a Yankee could cook like that, he’d likely think I’ve got some rebel blood in me somewhere. I’d tell him no, I just have a good teacher.

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