Saturday, May 9, 2009

Nancy Pelosi is a Liar

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Speaker of the House of the United States is a liar.

After months of demagoguery, fake righteousness, indignation, and hate, the truth has finally caught up to Nancy Pelosi.

Here's the truth: She knew about waterboarding. She knew the whole deal. And she let it go on without raising one little peep. ABC has it all here in black and white

When September 11 was fresh in the American psyche, when we still didn't know the magnitude of threats that we were up against, and when we were still in the process of cleaning the rubble from the attacks, our leaders (including Pelosi) were willing to accept the use of "enhanced interrogation techniques" to prevent future events that would leave our citizens dying in the streets.

But as time went on, fears faded, and feelings of safety and complacency set in, the Daily Kos, Keith Olbermann, and the fanatics in Ms. Speakers' home district stumbled upon a way to finally get Bush - war crimes. Calls for investigation, prosecution, impeachment, and a perp-walk out of the White House grew and became more and more popular.

Once elected, president Obama stoked the fire by releasing the exact details of what had been done, and indeed, that fire raged hotter. Unfortunately, his own party now stands burned. First, former Vice President Dick Cheney chimes in, demanding that the full details of the techniques be released, including the intelligence that was gathered. (Note these still have not been released. Memo to Obama - you may want to avoid playing poker with a guy like Cheney in the future.) Second, we now come to find that it wasn't just Bushco behind all of this. There are ample numbers of leaders on both sides that knew ostensibly everything and did absolutely nothing.

So how does the far left handle this cognitive dissonance? On one hand, there's furor over "torture." On the other, the #2 person in the Democratic party knew about it for years, could have said something, but never, ever did.

I'll tell you exactly how they're going to handle it - the same way they always do. Don't report it, don't talk about it, "move on." Until there are calls for Pelosi to join the orange jumpsuit brigade, this issue needs to be put to bed. For the Democrats' sake it better be, because every time it gets pushed they look more and more like the lying hypocrites that they are.

Right, Ms. Pelosi?

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  1. I thought the same thing two weeks ago, when all this came to the forefront. I can’t believe how Pelosi is trying to side step this. How come no one holds these people accountable?


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