Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day Two Payday

NW winds of up to 35 mph and a four hour owner’s meeting kept the team off the field for a good chunk of the day today, but the late rally made up for things.

We first started at the hole “about 75 yards” from the harbor opening, but ended up at Marshal point, where the wind had been blowing the bait fish all day. JP found a “convergence” on the map, and once boat control was wrested from JT, we got on the fish.

Bottom line for the team was 7 slot walleyes, at least that many that were small and thrown back, and one nice 25 ½# that was boated by yours truly at Club 21. We also boated two nice keeper perch to augment the stringer.

Great rally by the team, and we’ve set ourselves up well for our evening fish fry tonight.

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  1. Gentlemen: If you did indeed throw back a 25 1/2 # Walleye you put back a state record possibly a world record that was worth maybe six figures!! On the other hand if it was a 25 1/2" fish it was a nice one. Have a Scotch for me tonight and why did you wait so long to take boat control from Grandpa!!! Pauly


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