Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Chaska Minnesota Welcomes Our New Friends in Latino Gangs

In the StarTribune this week, there was an expose on the establishment of not one, but two rival Latino gangs to the suburban town. It used to be a town had made it when it got a new Dairy Queen or maybe a new Target store. Now you're a nobody unless you have a division of the Latin Kings selling drugs to your children.

You'd think this would inspire panic in the citizenry, but you'd be wrong. According to school leaders, this is no big deal:

Chaska School Board Member Diane Koban says parents are struggling to understand the extent of the problem. She, for one, believes there's some "overreaction" when it comes to gang symbols and colors. "It's extraordinary to say just because a kid has gang stuff in his room that he's a gang member. Isn't there such a thing as freedom of speech?"

So, peaceful citizens of not-so-peaceful-anymore Chaska, if little Johnny starts flashing signals, wearing colors, and addressing you by "homes," take pride that he's just expressing his sacred First Amendment rights, and sleep easy.

If you can...

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