Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Leech Lake Limit!

It took us four stops, but once we found the fish, we had an incredible time. We did the usual run to Stoney to start, and while there were boats there, we saw nothing boated and had no luck ourselves. We checked in with Bill who reported that boats were all over the place on Pine, so we headed there next.

Indeed, there were about 20 boats there and a bite was happening, albeit a small one. We landed one slot walleye and a keeper perch, but were not impressed by the size or the quantity of fish getting caught there. Combine that with the goat rodeo that is 20 boats tying to jockey for position, and our patience wore thin.

We headed to Ottertail where four boats were working and did a couple of drifts. Saw two nice size walleyes caught, but could land nothing ourselves, so we headed to the area between Ottertail and Duck points. Nobody fishing there, and the place to ourselves. If nothing else we had some breathing room.


We did one drift tight and then Fuzzy suggested moving out further. We landed our first fish about three minutes after the move and the action was hot from then onward. We only landed one above the slot, and also landed a number that were too small, but overall it was a great bite. Throw in a couple of really nice northern pike to mix (24” and 25”) and we ended up with a really nice stringer.
While there have been nights up here where the fish fry ended up being bratwurst night, we’ve never had bratwurst night bumped because we needed to eat fish for the second night in a row. Web and I ate one limit so we have room for more fishing today. We’ll see if we need that room or not.

Fishing doesn’t get better than this.

Our gratitude goes out to “Guy” for all he did for us.


  1. Save some fish for me!

  2. I love it when a plan comes together. A special thanks to the "guys", who were more than involved, they were committed.

    Thanks for a great trip. Why didn't you post the picture of my big fish, which was bigger than yours?


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