Saturday, December 9, 2017

Saturday Song Share: Manchester Orchestra - Where Have You Been

I always found this song to be really deep; maybe it's just my interpretation.  I looked for a good version to try and do the studio version justice to no avail.  It's too bad, as the best part of the studio version has lead singer Andy Hull wailing, "GOD MY GOD, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?"

I've read some accounts of live versions where Hull screams that at the end.  It's reported to be quite stirring.  Also, I've read that he sometimes substitutes the word "God" with "child" at the end, as God responds to the question as He likely would.

All of us at times have been in a situation where we've asked the same question, and the way he sang it just came out so raw and real.  This version?  Not so much, but still a great song:

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