Friday, December 1, 2017

A Walk Around Uptown

Last weekend we had a post-Thanksgiving feast walk around the lakes and Uptown area in Minneapolis.  It just underscored how much we'd missed in being gone.  To be closer to family and the places we love is just a blessing, and we're very lucky to be back in our home, because it is just that.  Home.

The day was pretty and not too horribly chilly.  It made for a great photo opportunity with the beautiful Minneapolis skyline in the background:

Uptown is an eclectic area, and has been for a good long time.  How long?  Well, here's an example - the Uptown Theater is doing a midnight showing of Rocky Horror.  Ladies and gentlemen, that movie was released in 1975:

Finally, we close with some marketing, because, well, marketing...  From the incongruity files comes this Plastic Surgeon.  See for yourself:

Good thing it's authentic plastic surgery.  You wouldn't want any of that fake plastic surgery.

Love being home. 

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