Thursday, December 7, 2017

Jerusalem Finally Recognized as Capital, Islam and Liberals Erupt

Jerusalem is the holiest city of Judaism.  It has been that way for 3,000 years.  Even those with a modicum of biblical understanding know this.

It is also Isreal's capital.  Their national government seats are there.  In fact, pretty much the only thing missing was a US embassy, as we've been cowed by the Muslim world to pretend Jerusalem isn't really the capital.  In typical Muslim fashion, the message was "do as we want, or else," and previous administrations were more than happy to oblige.

Enter Trump.  He campaigned on this move and did so loudly.  It was not a secret.  He's fulfilling a promise.  However, the media and the Muslim world consider what he's done to be tantamount to lighting a cigarette in an ammo dump.  

Really?  Isreal operates with Jerusalem as its capital.  All we're doing is stopping to pretend it's not.  Yet the world rages because we're not pretending anymore.  

This is your "religion of peace" ladies and gentlemen.  

More like "religion of perpetual outrage," but we can't say that now, can we?

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