Friday, April 26, 2013

Vikings 2013 Draft Recap

What a great draft day for the Vikings!  We watched it with the Green Bay Vikings fan club, and seven of us showed up to watch the draft.  That kind of shows you the energy behind the team after their drastic turn-around last year.

As for the draft, how different from the days where our pick would turn up, and we'd not select anyone to allow for the talent to become more affordable.  As a Vikings fan, you need to hand it to Zygi Wilf - the guy is not cheap.  The team was aggressive, fearless, and landed two strong starters and at least one special teams threat before even one snap occurs.

While I'm disappointed that they didn't draft T'ao (big mistake), there is a lot to like in this year's draft - 

  • Sharrif Floyd - Great talent, well beyond where he was drafted.  Background is not hot, but all of the talent is there.  If they can keep him grounded, he could be a great D lineman for years to com
  • Xavier Rhodes - Great skills, but raw.  Can give us some great 1:1 coverage.   Jury is still out on his ability to handle more complex stuff
  • Cordarrelle Patterson - While a less polished receiver, has tons of upside.  Has running back moves and will likely win the starting job for returning in short order.  Time will tell how good he can be
Overall, all three have work to do, but all make this team better with their presence.  It will be a fun training camp to see how these guys turn out, and an even better 2013 season.

Skol, Vikings!  Well done on a great draft.

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