Thursday, April 25, 2013

Two Avowed Leftists' Take on Islam and Terrorism

In the wake of the Boston bombing and terrorism, it has been fascinating to me to see how some, not all, but some on the left have felt it necessary to bend over backwards to try and "understand" the plight of the people who seek to kill our innocent civilians.  Had the terrorism been committed by a Tea Party type, as so many liberals actively wished, there would be no move to "understand."  There'd just be hate, and justifiably so.  

But no.  When Islam hates America, we feel the need to understand, and then defend it.  Here's Minnesota Representative Keith Ellison, the "first Muslim congressman" (he REALLY needs to copyright that), on what's at play here:

Thankfully, not all liberals feel the need to continue to grant a pass to those that seek to kill us due to their religion.  Here is Bill Maher, yes - that Bill Maher, ripping apart a civil rights attorney, university professor and Huffington Post columnist Brian Levin over his world view on Islam:

I pretty much despise Maher, but need to give him credit for finally calling BS on liberals seeking to use moral equivalence when bending over backward to prop up "the religion of peace."

While those like Ellision and Brian Levin continue to provide air cover for those that seek to kill innocent people, slowly but surely other liberals like Maher are waking up.  

Given Maher's audience size and makeup, I hope he was able to reach some people with his candid message.

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