Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston, and When Political Hate Can't Take a Vacation

The horrific terrorism brought to American citizens in such a public and terrible act should galvanize us, should it not?  For just one day, we should be able to drop our political leanings and suffer as Americans united.

Nah.  Not for the left.

Invoking the Rham Emanuel strategy "never letting a serious crisis go to waste," the left eagerly and nearly immediately hopped on memes like the following:

  • It was tax day yesterday, so it had to be a tea party guy
  • The Newtown parents were in the crowd, so it had to be a gun rights kook
  • It was Patriot Day, the celebration of Lexington and Concord yesterday, so we're back to a tea party
  • It was close to the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, so it had to be an anti-government Tim McVeigh type
A simple view over at Huffington Post gives you all of this and more.  Over there, there is so much hate for their political foes, and so much desire to score political points, move an agenda, and "not let a crisis to go to waste" that they're willing to do so while leveraging the blood, limbs, and bodies of the innocent to press their point.

It is sick.

And it's not just the lefty blogs, either.  Here's CNN's Wolf Blitzer:

When your political hate trumps your ability to think logically, and when your ideology causes you to seek to use pictures of our murdered and maimed citizens to divide us, the problem is much bigger than the person or group that committed this act.   

Indeed, when so many of us can't be an American first and share in a unified disgust at this act and resolve ourselves to bring the perpetrators to justice, even for a day, we'll likely never be able to agree on anything.  

Stay classy, Liberals.  Your hate, consistent even in the absolute worst of human circumstances, is astonishing.  

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