Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mauer On Fire

While the Twins have played just two games against the Angels, Joe Mauer is putting up a week's worth of results.  Over the past two games, Joe has gone 8 for 9, and raised his batting average to .386.

Consider as well how he's getting his hits: Of the 22 hits Mauer has collected this young season, 16 have come with two strikes on him.  While much of that is Mauer's approach -he's loath to swing at the first strike he sees - if one merely looks at what MLB batting averages are with two strikes (about .175), it makes his performance all that more remarkable.

Mauer's body language looks a lot like a couple of other left-handed streak hitters - George Brett and Wade Boggs.  When those guys got hot, they could tear off a 15+ hit week like they were possessed.

And that's exactly how Mauer looks right now.  He's extremely fun to watch.

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