Friday, April 19, 2013

Breaking Boston News

I awoke this morning very early as I had difficulty sleeping.  I watched highlights from the Wild game last night with the Yellow Dog (wow, Wild, what happened?) then grabbed a coffee and logged on to the web.

That's where the breaking story hit me.  

I was taken by how some the the news websites were handling the breaking story.  Here's what I found:

  • The traditional news sites, CNN and Fox News, had fairly decent coverage, albeit somewhat dated.
  • Huffington Post and Breitbart both had up-to-date streams of events as they were happening.  A tip of the hat to HuffPo - while I disagree with their editorial slant, their coverage was arguably the best
  • Twitchy did a great job of aggregating and publishing relevant tweets throughout the early morning
  • There was a great live stream on Reddit, but the platform was brought to its knees by traffic, thus making updates less timely.  If Reddit is going to consider themselves a relevant platform, they better start adding some server capacity, pronto.
  • Worst coverage, by far, was Drudge.  He finally got on the breaking story at 5:15 CDT.  I actually emailed him at 5:10 to complain about the lack of coverage and to let him know his lunch was being eaten.
  • Facebook posts were woefully late to the story.  A lot of folks get their news that way, and it was shocking to see how long it took for the story to break in that environment.
It was and continues to be fascinating to see how the new media is handling this breaking story.

In the meantime, here's offering up prayers to Boston for a quick resolution and for the carnage to finally end.

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