Saturday, January 23, 2010

Vikings Vs. Saints - May the Best Team Win

I have strong affinity for New Orleans, and subsequently the Saints, for multiple reasons.
  • For my wife and me, New Orleans is probably the favorite city to visit. Between work and family events, we've been down there over a half dozen times. The music, food, culture, and people are unlike anything in the world, and we just love it.
  • I have close family that lives in Louisiana, and they love their Saints and Tigers.
  • Saints ownership are wonderful philanthropists, and believe strongly that they have an obligation toward aid of the less fortunate. These are good people.
  • The city is still feeling the effects from hurricane Katrina. I have a good friend that built a Habitat for Humanity house down there last summer, and he reports that there are still neighborhoods that are devastated.
  • Drew Brees is one of the classiest players that you will find in the NFL. He felt the calling to play for New Orleans as it would allow him to do work that would better the crippled city. His foundation has raised over $4.5 million to date. He walks a path that few others choose to take.

Given all this, my heart won't be completely broken if the Vikings come up short tomorrow. Don't get me wrong - I'll definitely be rooting them on, and remaining on watch for our elusive first Super Bowl championship. However if the Saints go on, consider me on that bandwagon. As a city and as a franchise, they deserve good things to come their way.

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