Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Brown Over Coakley: The Win and the Spin

I watched the election of Brown last night on MSNBC, not only for the schadenfreude, but more to see if they got it.

They didn't.

I saw the voters, the DNC, Coakley, tea partiers, Republicans, and even George W. Bush blamed for this loss. In all the analysis, it was someone else's fault.

Here's the deal. People are tired of ten percent unemployment and a broken economy. They don't care about global warming, they're tied of seeing their friends and families suffering in this recession, they're aghast at trillions being thrown around like monopoly money, and they're scared to death of the prospect of an out of control government taking over 1/6th of the economy.

People want some security. They want a paycheck. They want to see businesses opening. And they got absolutely none of that in the past year. None.

One party did its partisan bidding this past year; unabashed and with slogans like "we won," and "never let a good crisis go to waste." And the bills for that behavior are coming due.

The lesson in this election is that if Ted Kennedy's seat isn't safe, no seat is safe. Those politicians that get it need to put aside their partisan projects and fix the damned economy. Those that don't get it will likely see more Brown-like victories up close and personal this fall, in 2012, and beyond.


  1. It took Bush alot longer then 1 year to F this country up, so expect it to take Obama/dems more then 1 year to fix it.

  2. Then how does one explain things getting worse? When will they get better? How will Health Care reduce unemployment?

    Finally, at what point does Obama bear some responsibility? Or do we just blame Bush in perpetuity?


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