Sunday, January 17, 2010

Vikings Defense Dominates Dallas

In their greatest game this season, the Vikings defense ended up completely dominating the Dallas offense to push the beloved Purple to the NFC Championship. While they started with a couple of uneasy “bend but don’t break” drives, eventually the D took the game completely over. Dallas QB Tony Romo was hounded, sacked over a half dozen times, and forced into mistakes. The performance of the defensive line alone harkened back to the days of Eller, Marshall, Page, and Larson.

Now the big question: How much did the noise provided by home field aid the defensive play? If the answer is “a lot,” next Sunday’s game could be a long one for the Vikings. Brees is twice the quarterback Romo is, and Reggie Bush appears to finally be peaking after a seemingly season-long slumber. However, if the answer is “not much,” things should bode well for our Norsemen.

It’s said that defense wins championships. Can the defense do it without their home crowd screaming at jet engine decibel levels? That will be the question.

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