Friday, January 8, 2010

Terrorist Successful? We Lose. Terrorists Unsuccessful? We Lose.

Over early morning coffee today, my wife and I were discussing the government's new move to conduct virtual strip searches on passengers (and if you've seen the photos, that is exactly what they are). We wondered aloud why it was that when terrorists struck (successfully or unsuccessfully), we lost freedoms and conveniences.

Isn't that the ultimate goal of the terrorists?

Then I bumped into this article from Steve Chapman of the Chicago Tribune, and he says basically the same thing. Worth the read.

It feels like we're in the early innings of a baseball game, and the opposition is slowly putting up runs on us.

I just hope that by the time we've reached nine innings we don't look up to the scoreboard and wonder how we lost.

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  1. Ya your point has got that feel that will really affect others mind.I agree with you in this matter.But there is no point crying for losings.


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