Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Paste Magazine's Downloads for Haiti

Paste Magazine has just released a fundraiser for Haiti. By making a donation to charity (either through their site or elsewhere) you'll get access to their vault of over 200 downloads.

There are some real gems out there - personally I found some cool new music from folks that were previously off my radar. I really enjoyed Vast, Stacie Rose, and the Sarah Mac Band, and will be digging deeper into their bodies of work.

Among the better songs are Ben Folds' The Bitch went Nutz, an incredible cover of Pink Floyd's Echoes by The Decemberists, and the Born Again Floozies' Up the River Fu#ker.

Great music and great cause. Get out there and get downloading.


  1. Glad you liked the song form the Sarah Mac Band and thanks for the mention in your blog. Hope you enjoy our other music as well. If you are interested we have a free iPhone app that has all of our most recent songs on it. And I agree there is some good music on this cd for Haiti.

  2. Charlie,

    Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the tip on the Sarah Mac Band iPhone app. Great stuff.

    Please come up and see us in Minnesota some time (you may want to wait until spring...). We have a couple of venues that would be perfect.

  3. Born Again Floozies rule!


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