Sunday, January 10, 2010

Trigeminal Neuralgia Update - Another Reason to Hate Minnesota Winters?

Over the past two weeks the pain has definitely kicked up a notch. I'm at a fairly constant low grade headache, with infrequent zaps. I'm wondering if the cold makes things worse (like I need another excuse to hate the cold). Likewise, stress levels at work are quite high right now.

With dinner the past two nights I've had wine, and that definitely helps. It likely magnifies the Carbamazepine, and I need to keep an eye on this. A number of folks with this malady self-medicate their pain with alcohol, and we don't need to go down that road.

As always, sleep turns it all off, and that's a nice respite. It's not much fun, though, when the first thought upon waking is to ask "I wonder if today will be a good day?" and immediately get your answer via a stab in the head.

At least things are ebbing and flowing for me. I can't imagine having the really bad stuff be a constant, like some suffers do. I hope we never get to that point.

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  1. Hey you left a comment on my post, and I would love to know about the support and resources available for TN.

    I was also really lucky to get diagnosed before they pulled out all of my teeth/root canals... So far it has been going ok (there was a week of complete HECK, where when i finally went into the emergency room they had to sedate me. But now i am on medicine that really does help control the pain)

    I also find that the cold triggers episodes. Interesting.

    I found it interesting how you said that you are much more tired then before, and the more sleep the better. Because I have found that I am sleeping a ton lately!

    Well thanks for your comment! TN has been a bit of a shocker. I have been wanting to talk to someone who has had it, so i was really excited for you comment!


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