Thursday, December 31, 2009

Waconia Christmas Lights - Big Publicity

My neighbor's house (two doors down) was featured on one of the local Minneapolis news station reports last night. The neighbor has done this kind of light show for 4 years. He puts out a massive amount of lights, synchronizes their flashing to music (he must use some kind of software to accomplish this), broadcasts the music on a low-level FM frequency, and welcomes all to the show.
Some shows are better than others, and I still believe year one to be his best. This year I'd grade him an Obama-like "good solid B+."

They have a website in support of this effort as well.

It draws a ton of traffic into the neighborhood. It hasn't really impacted us that much (although I keep closer tabs on the dog when she's out), but my neighbor across the street (aka "The Grinch") absolutely HATES it, although he has reason. The proximity of his driveway makes a great place to view the show, and he often has uninvited guests parking there. While that's usually not a problem, it can tick a guy off when you're coming home and "want to get in your own damn garage."

The show will be over soon, but with all of the publicity, I'm sure we'll be looking at a lot more traffic next year.

Just don't park in The Grinch's driveway...


  1. you should try to compete with this guy but be little more creative. Use all your hunting gear and decoys for a display. Ducks flyiny etc. Come on cuz. u can out do this guy.


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