Monday, December 21, 2009

Minnesota Pheasant Season - Late Season Report

Pheasant hunting has been pretty decent these past couple of weeks. With snow in the area the birds have congregated in the cattails, making them easier to find, and making them more predisposed to hold as opposed to running. A slow, steady pace, someone to block, and a good dog mean flushes in range.

For the season we're at 22 roosters - a good number considering that we still have two weekends left. That number also excludes any birds taken by my partner when I wasn't there, so I'm guessing that the actual harvest for our land to be close to 30. With a down year with regard to hatch, this is a really good indication of the value of habitat.

And it is amazing how the habitat is being used. Signs of deer, turkeys, rabbits, field mice, and other critters abound.

The season went by way too fast. Hard to believe that it is nearly over, but we look forward to planting season in four months.

Hope it gets here quick.

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  1. I'm gonna bring a male and female snake imperveous to cold up there next time I get a chance. It just isn't right ya'll don't have to worry bout that.


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