Friday, December 11, 2009

Notre Dame Lands Coach Kelly

As an Irish fan, I'm not surprised in the naming of Brian Kelly to the post. He seemed the logical and safest pick.

I don't envy this job – he'll need to win over a following that grades you only on the performance of your last game, and he'll inherit a team that is undisciplined and fracturing.

Personally, he'll have my support as long as the program does three things:

  • Discipline – I am so tired of Irish mistakes due to lack of discipline. Score a TD? Then act like you've been there before and make an excessive celebration penalty a thing of the past. Take a stupid late hit out of bounds? Then expect to get your facemask grabbed and have a coach screaming in your face on national TV when you come to the bench.
  • Passion – Play with some emotion and pride. Select team captains based on their ability to inspire the troops and not on how they look on TV or based on their Heisman potential.
  • Intelligence – This goes to discipline, but applies to the coaches as well. Manage the clock effectively. Call time outs appropriately. Listen to the snap count, please.

If the Irish can do these things, they'll be a pleasure to watch every Saturday, win or lose.

Coach Kelly, welcome. Get busy and wake up those echoes.

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