Monday, December 14, 2009

Barry's Ballyhoo: "B+!"

Even Oprah, the biggest sycophant this guy has, seems amazed in his reply:

In my life, I have strong remembrances of eight Presidents. Of the eight, I would expect seven of them to answer Oprah’s question with something along the lines of “We’ll Oprah, that’s not for me to answer. The American people (or history) will ultimately be the judge.” Only one of them would have the "self-esteem" to give himself an “A-“ if he can get healthcare done.


The hubris of this man continues to amaze me. His citizens suffer: one in ten cannot find jobs, more like one in six don’t have them and in some instances have stopped looking altogether. And this egotistical narcissist has the testicles smile gleefully and grade himself a “B+” to a question that made him look woefully un-Presidential.

In the mean time, his approval as registered by Rasmussen’s poll of likely voters is crashing faster than a Tiger alibi for being out all night.

There is a shocking lack of reality going on with President that downright scary.

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