Friday, December 18, 2009

Al Franken is an Embarrassment - Part 4?

Just the latest from our freshman Senator. We are so proud that he represents us so effectively.



  1. Al Franken: American hero, underestimated by the right, and more knowledgeable on policy and issues than three-quarters of the rest of the Senate.

  2. Franken the American hero?

    Sorry, Ed. In that clip I noticed only one Senator that served in the military, earned a Silver Star for resisting “extreme mental and physical cruelties” while enduring unspeakable torture at the hands of the North Vietnamese at the Hanoi Hilton. Despite being near dealth, he declined early release until those that had been at the prison longer than him were freed.

    He still bears the scars of this torture.

    It is remarkable in the differences in how one defines our “heroes,” isn’t it?

    And just to enlighten me, Franken’s heroic acts are…?

  3. I love Al Franken! Al Franken for President in 2016!!!

  4. Al Franken paused, then carefully spoke as representative of his state whose citizens will be denied a public option in health care, to a senator representing those Insurance Companies behind the denial... He had simply heard enough...

  5. Anon,

    That's precisely the issue here, and why I raised it in the first place. Franken is basically saying "Don't agree with me? Then STFU."

    Not exactly Wellstonian in the approach, is it? And that whole "Minnesota Nice" thing is right out the window.

    Although Jesse Ventura probably would love it...

  6. McCain a hero? Yeah, right. Franken is a hero to all working Americans, and is smart and trustworthy. Married to one woman for decades, he is a hero to her and their kids, in addition to Minnesota and America. McCain came back from POW detention to a loving wife, who he then dumped because she was in an accident and disfigured while he was an NVA POW...but not before having an affair with Cindy. Who’s the real hero? I say Franken. Read “The wife U.S. Republican John McCain callously left behind:”

    …You’ll learn that Ron and Nancy were mortified. A war hero doesn’t necessarily create a human hero. Franken is a human hero. McCain is scum. You won’t read about Franken screwing around because he doesn’t. Family values.

  7. So McCain is scum because he didn't stay married? A "human hero" stays married? Holy infidelity, Batman, by your measuring stick about 50% of US society is "scum."

    As long as we're knocking "heroes" off their pedestals, how do you reconcile dozens of credible stories of Franken's drug use? Too bad he never took the "perp walk" for it that he wished upon Limbaugh.

    I love that whole pot/kettle thing.

  8. Me and Yellow Dog definately don't see eye to eye on politics. In fact the only thing we see eye to eye on is the taste of Boudan, and even I can see that Franken was totally out of line in his move to silence Lieberman. Time restraints or not this country was built on the rights of The People and the People representing the People to have their voice heard. What even bothers me more is for you guys to sit and disrespect a man (that's right a man that was born in sin and will sin till the day he dies) That almost gave his life to defend the rights that allow you to sit and bicker like an old sewing circle on this blog. Whether he has had indescretions or not as if anyone on here can cast the first stone, he deseves the respect of a MAN that Served his country and the unalienable rights that we cherish today. BOTTOMLINE!!!!!!!!! Don't let your Political Alliance/Beliefs Tarnish the respect that man deserves or blind you in seeing the disrespect by Franken.

    "God Bless the USA" Begins to play

  9. Knock, knock. Common sense is at the door!
    Al Franken an American hero? He has done nothing to this point other than to be an embarrassment to MN.
    I did find him funny on SNL but quickly grew tired of him.
    BTW, do American heros pay their taxes? Or just blame their accountants?


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