Thursday, December 10, 2009

Minnesota Weather Haiku

A litttle something in celebration of the great state we call home.

Rules of haiku are here

High today of 5
Three more months of cold and pain
Why do we live here?


  1. Your Gayness Runs Deep.
    It concerns me extremely.
    please write manly things.

  2. Well done. Here's one for you:

    Real men write poems
    Just look at William Shatner
    Kiss me on my butt

  3. Wow!!! Webber told me to get caught up on your Blog. I didn't know it had gotten this bad. LMAO!! Anonymous beat me to the punch.

    It is a sad day. a day I must contemplate how we could possibly be related.

    Looks like an intervention might be in order when you come down to god's country in January.

  4. By the way, Have you been spending some time with Al Frankenton (however you spell his name)


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