Monday, June 2, 2014

What is Wrong with Joe Mauer?

Joe Mauer has been terrible this season, both from an anecdotal and a statistical perspective. The anecdotes are many - he's taking way, way too many strikes, is finding himself behind in the count in most at-bats, and does not look aggressive at the plate, and his sweet swing no longer looks nearly so pretty.

From a statistical standpoint, consider:

  • His current average of .267 is the worst of his ten-year career
  • His current slugging is an anemic .340 - again, a career worst
  • He's batting .171 with runners in scoring position
  • He's already stuck out more than he did in the entire 2011 season, and is on pace for his worst season ever, by a long shot
Things have gotten so bad that Manager Gardenhire asked Mauer if he needed to sit out a game for a mental break. 

The move from catcher to everyday first baseman was supposed to be a boon to Mauer's offensive production.  Thus far, it looks more like a boondoggle.  

Something is wrong with Mauer.  It is now up to the team and the player to figure out what it is, and fix it.  Quickly.


Please feel free to include any thoughts you may have. Know, however, that kiddos might be reading this, so please keep the adult language to yourself. I know, for me to ask that language is clean is a stretch...