Saturday, May 31, 2014

Al Franken to Demagogue and Waste More Time

It was announced last week the the esteemed Minnesota Senator Al Franken is going to hold a hearing on "stalking apps" - phone applications that collect geolocation information from mobile devices.

It seems that to Senator Franken, such functionality is just way too intrusive.  Here's his money quote: “The companies that make the software on your phone, including apps, can access extremely sensitive location data that reveals where you live, where you work, where you drop your kids off at school, the church you attend and the doctors you visit.” 

I'm shocked - shocked, I tell you - that Franken failed to mention any concern whatsoever about the NSA, or any other government spying (Hi, NSA!)

"Big" business "spying" = bad.  Government spying = good.

What a tool.  But we should expect nothing less than inaction and demagoguery from our elected officials.  It seems it is the only thing they can do with effectiveness anymore. 

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