Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Songs on Rotation for My Brother's Birthday

Every year for the past few I've gifted some new music to my brother in celebration of his birthday.  While Apple will no longer allow me to "gift" a setlist, I still can pass along a list of what I'm jamming out to via the information below:

"Bitch, I Love You", Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears - Not exactly for the kiddos, but the closest thing to James Brown since the man himself.

"Country Down," Beck - From his most recent effort (a standout album, by the way), Beck is putting out some of the best night-driving music being made right now.  

"Cut Me Some Slack," Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl, and friends - From the Sound City soundtrack, Sir Paul rocks like he hasn't rocked since the White Album.  If this doesn't make you think of "Helter Skelter, " you're missing out

"Dare," Gorillaz - I went back and added a ton of old Gorillaz to my music collection.  This little "virtual band" has pulled together a lot of great music over the past decade or so.

"Fireflies," Mofro - Sweet, drippy soul.  Music like they used to make it.

"Gun for a Tongue," Butterfly Boucher - Butterfly Boucher has been putting out some really incredible music, and this indy-pop effort is one of my favorites.  She is very much worth getting to know.

"Hallelujah,"  Michael McDonald - The Leonard Cohen staple has never sounded so good.  McDonald shows why he's one of the best voices in rock.  Ever.

"Ladies and Gentlemen," City and the Colour - I love this band, and their album released this past year was worth the wait.  One of the really great bands out there right now.

"Louisiana 1927", Aaron Neville - I saw him do this Randy Newman song in concert last year, and it blew me away.

"Madman Across the Water," Elton John - From a rare masters album, this is a different version than the one made famous as the title track in the album of the same name.  It just shows the incredible talent this guy had in the very early '70's.  He was a virtuoso.  Sadly, nobody makes music like this anymore.

"Nothing but the Whole Wide World," Jakob Dylan - Nice tune.  Throw in Neko Case on backing vocals, and it's gotta be in your library.

"Oh Well," Billy Gibbons - From a recent Fleetwood Mac tribute album, Gibbobs is the only artist that is a peer of the band being tributed.  Nearly all of the other contributing acts are current indy/alternative acts.  And Billy schools them.  The guy is a beast.

"Somebody has Got to Go," Eddie Cleanhead Vinson - Old school blues by a very under appreciated artist.

"The Sound of Silence," Brandi Carlile - Actually, it's just the Hanseroth twins.  And it gives you goosebumps.

"Tennis Court," Lorde  - She got a lot of publicity, and this is one of the more obvious songs on the list.  Regardless, I really like her, and this song in particular.

"Waiting," The Devlins - I did some research on Irish bands to create a play list for me while I was over there.  I wanted the whole Irish immersion, right down to the soundtrack.  I bumped into this song via that research, and it is an absolute gem.  My goodness, what an outstanding song.  If you download only one song from this list, make it this one.

"Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?" Arctic Monkeys - Fun song from AM's very strong recent effort.

"You're Not Good Enough," Blood Orange - Dig the Prince vibe on this one!  The Minneapolis Sound is alive and well.

Happy birthday, bro.  I love you.

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