Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thoughts from the Shelf

A week before my 10k, I blew out my calf.  Since that time, I've tried to stay off my leg and recover.  I've done a number of light work outs, done a couple of very short runs, and have found that the leg isn't getting much better.  I've watched my weight creep up, and my cardio evaporate over a two week period.

I've become a lot more attentive to stretching, and am trying to listen to my body as much as possible.  But I struggle with the following:

  • I worked my butt off (damn near literally) to get here.  Now it feels like I'm just sitting on said butt watching it all evaporate
  • Summer finally came to Wisconsin, and instead of being out there enjoying a run, I'm looking at others doing it instead.  And it makes me jealous, angry, and envious.
  • I now worry about my body.  Before this point, I never gave injury a thought.  Now it is all I can think about, even when I'm doing light work.  
  • A month ago I felt half my age.  Now I feel half again my age
I'm trying to go slow, but damn it is hard.  And now that the days are already starting to get shorter, it feels like time is slipping away.

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