Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Media's New To-Do List Since the Bergdahl Scandal

With the latest Obama scandal - perhaps the largest, and that's saying a lot because he's already put through some whoppers - the media now has a new set of tasks:

  1. Understand if the administration knew Bergdahl's background around his AWOL episode or not.  If they did, it their actions should be treasonous.  If they did not, their actions are impeachable due to incompetence
  2. Understand who knew what when.  We specifically need to know what Hillary Clinton knew, and what Joe Biden knew
  3. Understand who ordered Bergdahl's unit to be silent, and to sign non-disclosure agreements.  Where, exactly, did this order originate?
  4. Understand why Bergdahl's reason for leaving his unit was not included in a massive background file that was presented to congress.  Again, was it incompetence, or nefarious editing by someone else (and if so, who)
  5. Never, under any circumstances, invite Susan Rice for an interview.  Her lies on Benghazi were one thing (blaming the sacking of our consulate and death of our ambassador on a video), but calling Bergdahl's service as one of "honor and distinction," just goes to show she'll say anything the administration puts her up to, regardless if it is even close to true.  She's lied, egregiously, in two different episodes now.  Fool me once, media...

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  1. And everyday I shake my head and scratch my temple, asking, why? Why oh why does it seem that more people are not outraged? I seriously believe that people either do not pay any attention to their own country's politics, or ignore every single media outlet available. Or maybe they just do not care? What this administration has been capable of pulling off in front of the eyes of the the world is abhorrent. And yet here we are, more than a year into his second presidency and he has again proven he is made of Teflon. Shame on those capable of exposing him and inflicting punishment. This latest travesty is like pissing on the graves of all those who have given their lives so dirtbags like him can be president. I can't even say anything else.


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