Wednesday, June 4, 2014

St. Thomas Bans Camel on Campus as Racist

An old story but one that has not been covered here.

The University of St. Thomas (otherwise known as the university that Minnesota Catholic kids attend when they can't get into St. John's or St. Ben's) recently wanted to bring a camel on campus to lighten things up at the stressful end of the year.  They had done so previously with a reindeer at Christmas time, and students enjoyed getting their picture taken with the animal and blowing off some steam.

But then some Tommie students felt the camel would be racially insensitive to Middle Eastern kids (who absolutely attend the Catholic St. Thomas in droves).

The next thing you know, the camel is cancelled, and the PC do-gooders chalked up another victory in their march toward a hive-mind police state.

Which leaves only two thoughts:

1) Thank God I'm a Johnnie

2) The Tommies must really, really hate Geico

Happy hump day, everyone

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