Monday, June 30, 2014 - Usability Testing, and Great Way to Make a Few Bucks

There's a service on the web called which provides usability testing for businesses and other entities at a very affordable rate.  Say you're a business looking to make changes to your website, but how exactly will you know what your visitors might think?  Making a mistake in front of tens of thousands of daily visitors can cost a business dearly.

Fortunately, by tapping this user testing service, these entities can float new sites and designs in front of real users, in pretty much real time, and get back instantaneous feedback.  

Here's a dated, but accurate, reflection of their service:

As one that does web marketing, I'm definitely a consumer of their services.  And I'm also a tester.

Thus far, I've conducted about 16 tests in the past month or so, and have earned $200 in hard, cold cash.  Beyond the financial considerations, it has been a lot of fun to see what brands are considering as their next iterations of their web businesses.  It gets my juices flowing not only from a usability perspective, but also from a strategic one as well.

Signing up to be a tester is easy and free.  Simply head to the website, and go through the process.  The only thing you'll need to be sure that you have are microphone capabilities and a PayPal account. is a great service; both for their clients and their testers.  I highly endorse them for both.

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