Tuesday, June 10, 2014

How Will Obama Govern in His Final Two Years?

With the impending midterm elections poised to be a sound repudiation of his administration, President Obama will have a tough future.  He'll be faced with a buttressed and more hostile House, and will likely also lose the Senate, thus giving Republicans congressional control.  But as he's shown in many, many past actions, Obama won't work through congress when he has something that he wants to get done (e.g. multiple changes to the Obamacare law, failing to inform congress on the Bergdahl swap for the Taliban Five, and now failing to enforce immigration laws on our southern borders, among others).

Given this, there are a couple of possible paths forward:

  • Obama becomes more overtly antagonistic, moving forward with his desires to abandon Afghanistan, open our borders, legalize pot, get to single payer, and to close Gitmo.   He acts independent of congress, and eventually sparks a power crisis as the Republicans feel that they finally have the numbers to put a stop to Obama's nation-changing.  Given his stated desires, and his current failed legacy, I believe this is the path he'll take
  • Obama will become what he's already rumored to be - bored with the presidency.  He'll play more golf (is that even possible?), appear on more TV shows, take more vacations, and travel to more countries.  Which is all fine and good, unless and until...
  • The world judges Obama for what he is - an global weakling with no nationalistic pride (in fact, just the opposite - he holds nationalistic shame), and one disinclined to apply America's might.  Myriad global threats continue to move against our interests, and are summarily discounted or flatly ignored by the President and his sycophantic media lap dogs .  And the world changes.  Appreciably.
Obama has two and a half years left.  A whole lot can happen in that time, even if the Republicans do take the congress.  What our media and citizenry allow him to get away with will ultimately determine how much damage will be done.


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  1. Well put YDP. I believe your last sentence could not sum up this topic any better. Ultimately, we, and that includes the government, will determine how much damage we allow this despicable man to inflict upon our nation, and the world's perception of us. I wish I could be optimistic.


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