Monday, February 18, 2013

Social Media Feeds the Narcissistic Beast

In a recent high school hockey game in Minnesota, the goalie from Farmington, getting a rare start on Senior Night, displays his displeasure on how he was treated throughout the season by doing the following:
  • Scoring on his own goal (thus tying the game, which Farmington lost in OT)
  • Flipping off his coaches
  • Skating off the ice and quitting
See video below for the event:

The goalie gave a heads up to some of his friends on his intentions so that it could be filmed and shared.

I get that kids are stupid and do stupid things.  But it seems that social media magnifies stupidity, and gives those that feel self-important more fuel to feed their narcissistic fire.  And that's because they're rewarded.

Be it the positive comments this goalie received in the comments section of YouTube, or an entire legion of people socially cheering on mass-murderer Christopher Dorner, social media justifies the bad behavior of the self important.  Regardless of how repugnant one's actions, there will always be some out there in social media land to cheer them on.

My prediction is that we've only seen just the very beginnings of what ultimately will have a very significant impact on our society.

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