Wednesday, February 13, 2013

B-52? No, KC-135

Around Green Bay it is very common to see a massive military jet circling the city every couple of weeks or so.  Given the size of the plane, I always operated under the assumption that it was a B-52.  It was big.  It was active military.  It had to be a B-52.

Hence, on a recent trip to the airport, I noticed the plane I had seen previously around town was now performing "touch and go" maneuvers at Green Bay's airport.  Ah, finally the reason why I had seen these things orbiting so often!

I got out of my vehicle and shot the following video:

But where did it come from?  There is no military group stationed at GRB.  I hit the web and found that this was part of the 128th Air Refueling Wing, stationed out of Milwaukee, and that what I thought was a B-52 was a KC-135.

I should have known better.  The number of engines should have been a dead give-away alone.

While the KC-135 is a massive plane, it is still dwarfed by the B-52.  See below:

Regardless, it was still fun to see such a big plane - one of America's finest - blasting off right over my head.

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