Thursday, February 7, 2013

Shinedown, Three Days Grace, and P.O.D. Concert Review for Green Bay

Green Bay rock fans were treated to a fantastic triple bill of rock last night, as P.O.D, Three Days Grace, and Shinedown rocked the Resch Center.  Unfortunately, for a nice bill, Green Bay failed to show their support.  The Resch Center was maybe at 50% capacity.  That's likely why our town gets bypassed for so many tours, and it is a real shame.

However, for those that came out, they were treated to a great night of music:


Unfortunately, the band was beset by some really bad mixing, as the drums in general, and the bass drum in particular, were way too amplified.  It washed out the sound of the rest of the band, and while it felt cool to have the drum physically shake through your body, it was way too much.  Despite that, lead singer Sonny Sandoval worked his butt off to get the crowd warmed up.  He climbed onto the railing in front of the stage to sing "Is that all you got?  I'll take your best shot" on "Boom" - the second song of the set.  The crowd did warm, but it took a lot of hard work from Sandoval.  Other highlights from their set were a very nice "Higher," an equally nice "Southdown," and a great sing along moment with "Alive"

Three Days Grace

Rockers Three Days Grace kicked off the middle of the show with a flash, as flame canisters got everyone's attention.  One could actually feel the heat from them when they were deployed.  New singer Matt Walst did a great job covering front man Adam Gontier as the latter recently retired from the band.  The guys didn't appear to miss a step, and Walst was impressive.

Also impressive was the guitar work of Barry Stock, who made lots of equipment changes, but played all of them extremely well.  Overall the band was tight, appeared to be having fun, and put on a great show.

Highlights include a great sing along with "Just Like You," an in-your-face "Chalk Outline," more audience participation with "Pain," the requisite "I Hate Everything About You," and a rocking closer of "Riot."  

Great show by a very strong band.  Well done.


The band executed the surprise of the night, as their set kicked off with drummer Barry Kerch taking the stage and starting to play.  Unbeknownst to the crowd on the floor, the rest of the band had made their way to the sound area and began "Enemies" from there.  It took about 45 seconds for the crowd on the floor to figure out where the band was - as you can see from my picture, even folks standing right there had no idea that the band was right on top of them.

Lead singer Brent Smith was a great front man, and was well complimented on vocals with Zach Meyers on guitar and an occuponymous Eric Bass on bass.  The band was nice and tight, and gave a very strong performance.  Kudos to Kerch on the drum work which was outstanding through the performance.  

Highlights included "Unity," "If You Only Knew," and a rocking "Bully" to close the night.

Overall, it was great night of rock in Green Bay.  It is too bad there weren't more people out there to enjoy it.

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