Thursday, February 14, 2013

Christopher Dorner Case: A Gun Confiscation Dress Rehearsal?

As the gun debate rages, there is still a small but loud minority calling for outright bans and/or confiscation as they believe it is the only way to make our society safe.  Regardless of what one thinks of this proposal, in light of the Second Amendment or otherwise, you'd think that recent events would underscore the folly of such a proposal.  Because, in the end, it's simple math.  

Consider the following (and I'm using conservative numbers here): 150 million gun owners in the US, of which 1% will never disarm without at fight.  That leaves 1,500,000 that will not obey the law.  Assume 1% of them as highly trained (e.g. former or active military, former or active police, etc.) and that leaves 15,000 Christopher Dorner types out there, gunning for the authorities.  

When you consider it took a sizable amount of southern California law enforcement to bring just one motivated man to justice, what would the scenario look like if that number increased by 14,999?  

Confiscation fantasies are just that -  fantasies.  If there is going to be a debate on guns in this country, let's keep the debate in the realms of reality.  For as Christopher Dorner just displayed, a motivated, well armed, and well trained man is going to wreak substantial mayhem before he's ultimately disarmed. 

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