Monday, February 25, 2013

Last Toast to the Marsh Harbour Crew

We just returned from quite the rejuvenating vacation with friends, and I can’t help but return with a deep sense of humility and gratitude.  

I feel that way as we spent a week well off the beaten path in Marsh Harbour – a place where very few travel.  It is a place currently unspoiled by massive hotels, or chains, or commercialism.  A place, still today in 2013, that is straight out of a Jimmy Buffet song.  The only reason that we vacation down here is because one in our crew has been doing so for years, and knows the secret.  If not for him, we’d likely be on some beach in Jamaica or Mexico or some other place with the rest of the world.  

Instead, we went to paradise, slowed down, and lived life as a vacation should be lived.  

Likewise, another in our party did all of the cooking when we stayed in, and did so in style.  Not only did she cook for six, but was doing so with limited resources around her.  Yet every meal was as good as the first, and rivaled the restaurants we attended.  It was a lot of work, and it was outstanding.  

The bottom line is that not only were Mrs. YDP and I able to get away, but we did so without lifting a finger.  The house, boat, and van were rented without our help, we were chauffeured to and from the airport, the tides (tricky for the uninitiated sailor) were correctly and adequately accounted for, we were sailed to beaches and bars all over Abaco, the meals were all done for us – everything was handled.  All we had to do was show up.  

What loads.

Now, our friends will likely say it wasn't a big deal, but that’s nonsense.  It was a very big deal.  We’re fortunate to be invited to go with them to this incredible place, and more fortunate still that we have to do very little to enjoy it in its entirety.  So to the Marsh Harbour crew – thank you.  You went above and beyond again for us.  We appreciate so much the time we had (even the lost time we had - damn you, Wally), and appreciate so much the laughs, discussions, meals, drinks, adventures, and memory-making with you.  

We hope we’re able to do it again soon.

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  1. You're correct it was no big deal! It was great to be able to spend time with you both again. I miss being able to go to b-day dinners and have some laughs since you moved. Although, the b-day cakes in the Bahamas are always interesting. Hand print one year from a monkey and Blonde & Besty this year (damn you... Wally)! Can't wait for the next adventure!



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