Tuesday, February 5, 2013

An Open Letter to Those Taking Joy in Chris Kyle's Death

This man is Chris Kyle.  He was the most lethal sniper in US military history, with 160 confirmed enemy kills to his credit.  He was so deadly that Iraqi insurgents knew of him, and even named him - The Devil of Ramadi.  He was awarded two Silver Stars, five Bronze Stars, the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal, and two Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals.

After his return from the war, Kyle started a non-profit to help returning vets assimilate back into civilian life.  In that capacity he took a troubled PTSD vet to a shooting range.  That vet turned the gun on Chris and ended his life.

A story of the killing can be found here.  

Immediately portions of the blogosphere and left-leaning sites erupted with outright glee at this murder.  Posters over at Huffington Post had a field day tying this murder to the gun debate, and trying to out-droll each other.  I won't link to their pages because they're repugnant.  If you wish to see that garbage for yourself, go look, but I'll recap some of the main memes:
  • He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword
  • What irony
  • This is karma
I'd like to respond to each of these.
  • Indeed, those that live by the sword do die by the sword.  And those that live by their blind ideology to the point of celebrating a hero's death to make political point and garner comment room "cred" are pigs.
  • Ironic.  Want to know what is ironic?  Ironic is typing in "LOL" and "#irony" in your Twitter feed, safe in the comfort of the 1st Amendment, about a murdered soldier - a man who was sworn to uphold and protect the constitution.  That is freaking irony, pal.
  • If there is a concept of payback delivered by the universe, one can only hope that it has very special plans for those that laugh at and ridicule a dead hero.  That'd be a cold dish of karma I'd really like to see delivered.
A closing thought: If you're using the horrible murder of a hero to entertain your friends and move your political agenda forward, maybe, just maybe you're on the wrong side.  

We used to respect and honor our fallen soldiers.  Cheering and laughing about their death simply clarifies how absolutely polluted people have become. 

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