Friday, October 5, 2012

Minnesota Duck Hunting Report

Last weekend was a pretty good one at the duck camp.  Despite little to no wind to move the decoys, birds were abundant and we were able to scratch out our share.  Here are Fuzzy and Joe with a Sunday game strap

The drought is in full force, and the lake is as low as I've seen it in 26 years of owning the property.  You can get a feel for that in the picture above - normally the lake water would be near the grass on the right.  The lake is easily down three feet plus from normal.  That being said, the drought has impacted the trees, which has resulted in one of the most beautiful falls in terms of color that I can remember:

Ducks weren't the only game harvested over the weekend.  Unfortunately, after six hours on the road I ended up hitting a deer about three miles away from the duck camp.  Neither the deer nor my truck fared very well in the incident:

The weather this week will finally turn cold, and big winds will blow from the northwest.  That means that the teal will leave the state, but new birds should come in behind them.  It should be very good duck hunting in Minnesota.  Unfortunately, I'll be stuck at home.  For those of you going out, good luck.

And watch out for deer while you're driving.

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