Monday, October 22, 2012

A Lost Bird While Pheasant Hunting

It has been argued that the wild Ringneck Pheasant is perhaps the toughest of the game birds in North America.  The attached video presents the evidence:

If you maximize the video, you can see that the bird was hit, and hit hard.  Yet when the dogs arrived, the rooster was long gone.  

It didn't help that scenting conditions were horrible, as the area had not received any moisture since mid-June, but still, the hard-hit bird was gone and the dogs confused.

The other point of interest is the another tough thing about pheasant hunting - bird identification.  The second bird to flush in the video was very much in gun range, but I had no way of determining if it was a hen or cock based on the lighting and angle.  Hence, I didn't even shoulder the gun.

Pheasants are smart and tough, and anytime one can be brought to hand and into the game bag, it is feat.

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