Thursday, October 18, 2012

Military Strike to Save Obama

Obama has a big problem.  In the past debate, he lied about his administration's posture on the Benghazi attacks.  While the word "terrorism" did spill from his lips in the Rose Garden the day after four Americans were killed, the context of the word was wrong, and the president knows it.  He also knows that for two weeks multiple people in his administration (including himself on Letterman and The View) proceeded to perpetuate the lie that the attack was related to a YouTube video. 
Thanks to Candy Crowley bailingout the president in the debate by providing him much needed air cover, he was able to save himself from having to answer any further questions on the subject.  Unfortunately, with the impending debate on Monday on foreign policy, Libya will surely be a point of conversation, and Obama can't count on a friendly moderator to save him. 
But he won't need to. 
Mark these words - prior to the next debate, and likely on Sunday, the administration will launch a military strike against "those responsible for the attack on our embassy in Libya."  And when the subject of Libya comes up in the next debate, the president will say, quite eloquently, "We showed the world that terrorism against the United States will not stand.  I promised that we would find those that committed this heinous act and bring them to justice, and that's exactly what I did." 
It effectively takes the narrative away from how the act was viewed by the administration, and moves it to a decisive military decision by the president.  The kind of decision that is routinely not questioned.  Likewise, such an act will allow his media sycophants to shape the argument as "Hey, he killed those responsible.  What more do you want him to do?" 
Will he really kill those responsible?  Who knows?  But my bet is that in the near future some folks are going to die at the hands of our military.  And they are going to die for the sole reason that a president's reelection prospects can live.     

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