Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Benghazi - Cowardice, Followed by CYA

As additional facts come out, and as the Obama administration continues to obfuscate, it is getting clearer and clearer that this is the biggest known scandal to hit a presidency since Watergate.  

See the timeline of events here

The facts are clear in this case:

  • A call for help from Benghazi came and was received at the highest levels of the government.  Military assets could have been brought into the mix within hours.  They never mobilized, and our team on the ground was left to die
  • The story the administration tried to sell, over and over again, that this event was tied to a video.  Even when they knew that was not the case.
For both facts above, there is a simple question: why?  

And yet, save for the blogosphere and Fox News, NOBODY is covering this story.  

The administration is covering up what happened, and the traditional media is actively helping them.  And the only reason for them to do so that makes sense is so that Obama can win the election. 

American citizens and soldiers were murdered.  And this is how these institutions behave?

Ladies and gentlemen, we live in very scary times...

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