Friday, August 2, 2013

Tonic for the Soul

I have to admit that last week was very dark for me.  I was in a horrible, depressive funk.  My life felt like an endless cycle of work, exhaustion, and loneliness.  I felt disconnected, inept, and constantly worried.

Then I took a couple of days of vacation.  What an incredible relief.

It took me about three days to fully decompress and finally feel like myself again, but feeling like myself occurred.  My smile, laugh, sleep, and optimism returned.  In spades.

And when I went back to work yesterday I felt totally on top of my game.  I felt under control, happy, rested, and energized.

It is amazing what a family and good friends can do.  Their hugs, smiles, laughs, conversations, silliness, and comfort are absolute tonic to an injured soul.

So now I'm filled.  Thankfully, the dark place of last week seems like a vague, distant dream.  And it's all because of some quality time with some people that love me and genuinely want to be with me.  

The older I get, the more it becomes obvious to me that the power of love is one of the mightiest there is.  I'm awed, and so very thankful.  

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