Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ryan Longwell Retires a Packer

Ryan Longwell, the former Vikings and Packer placekicker, was back in Green Bay yesterday to formally retire from the NFL as a Packer.

A couple of thoughts on this whole situation:

  • Looking at his numbers, especially as the 13th leading scorer in NFL history, he likely compiled enough to be a Hall of Famer.  Unfortunately, he does lack a Super Bowl, and that could be his downfall.
  • There are two reactions here in town: 1) Longwell is a "trader" (it is AMAZING to read the local boards of Green Bay natives and see how many people can't spell "traitor") and should stay a Viking and 2) the Pack should sign him because Mason Crosby (aka Missin' Crossbar) is so incredibly brutal.
  • As the all-time leading scorer for the Packers, he'll eventually be entered into the Packers Hall of Fame at some point.  And hopefully our real estate value will go up at the same time.
  • Folks are still ticked off here because, upon leaving town. Longwell made a crack about Green Bay's fine dining being limited to Applebees.  And it cracks me up.  Yes, there are some very good restaurants here, but they total about 3.  Longwell was not far off, and the truth still stings some.
Hats off to a great kicker.  He had a hell of a career, regardless of the jersey.

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  1. And the most important thing.....his name says it all. Could he have been born to do anything else but kick? He's a little too young to feature that name in some 70's adult movies. Boom chicka wah wah.


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