Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Closing Embassies - The Terrorists Already Win

In light of "increased chatter," the Obama administration has closed 22 embassies across north Africa and the Middle East.  Although the chatter is not specific (note, we're closing 22 embassies, not just a couple), the administration is hitting the panic button, and is ostensibly surrendering. 

Embassies are our turf on foreign soil.  And instead of defending it, the administration parlays a vague threat into a massive diplomatic reaction.  And by reacting the way we have, we've already been terrorized.

All without one shot being fired.

What happened to Al Qaeda being "on the run," as they were during the election?

To a culture that respects strength and fortitude above most other things, we have to look like bumbling, cowardly fools.  

So, what happens next?

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  1. Remember YDP, Al Qaeda was hoping and prying to Allah that Obama would win this past election so they could have some more fun at our nation's expense. A tad over 50% of us gave them what they wanted, now the most patient devils on the face of the earth have a few more years to poke their fingers in our side and sneak up behind us yelling Boo. For them it's gonna be a hoedown, for us it's gonna be a long 3 and a half years looking over our shoulders and jumping out of our skin at every muffled sneeze that comes out of the sandbox. Thanks lemmings. Thanks for erasing the previous 8 years of tough love, military empowerment and pride. Can't wait until 2016, providing we don't let our guard down. Keep the faith man.


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